My name is Heather.

I am an artist, computer geek, and amateur philosopher. I read and write and still haven't learned to cook. I am introspective. I am optimistic. I am insomnious.

I am a Nursing Student.

This blog tells about my clinical experiences pursing a BSN.
My major is less glamorous than med school, more time-consuming than art, and has the earliest class times in the catalog. (Morning report is at 0645!)

On top of that, there's blood and guts. Occasionally, there's poop.

A nursing degree is like no other.

I hope you enjoy reading.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Instructor Sarcastic

I thought I had to read a lot last semester. Yeesh! Now its nearly 300 pages a week! Seeing as one of my books is 2080 pages, this isn't that unreasonable. I settle down in the library after each class to trudge through the next day's chapters. Next week I have my first 3 tests. Pharmacology, Med-Surg, and the IV checkoff. I'm nervous, but I feel like I'm really going to master the material. My instructor is awesome. She's so sarcastic and impatient, but she makes me laugh.

I tripped over the projector cord today during a break. It shut down the whole computer and Powerpoint, so my teacher started waving her arms. "Heather! Why did you do that! I can't believe this! GAH!" I started pushing buttons and getting the thing rebooted, but she made sure everyone coming back into the room found out what I did. She kept flashing a grin at me to show she wasn't angry, but she took definite pleasure in her ranting and scowling at the crowd. The woman likes to pick on people.

For example, she likes to say things like "Does that arrangement sound good to you? Yes? Guess what if it doesn't. HAHAHA!"

She always implies that she doesn't care what you think. This isn't really the case, she cares very much for her students. But its a game with her, a game that amuses her greatly.

I find myself amused as well. I never thought I'd ever come to like someone so... spunky? Ah! I can't help but admire her! What with that sparkle in her eye, mischevious grin, and mind overflowing with knowledge. I'm glad I picked the hard teacher.

I hope I still feel that way after I take a few tests. ^_~

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ding! I Leveled Up.

Yes, the title is geeky. But you can hardly blame me... I've never hidden the fact that I am a part-time nerd. ^_^

This is my first week of Second Level!

This semester will focus on Med-Surg nursing. My new instructor is a short, spunky lady who is quite possibly one of the bluntest women I've ever met. One of my extremely inquisitive friends has already irritated her with too many questions, so my instructor has decided to limit her to 3 per day. This is of course sarcastic; she'll answer whatever questions need answering. But anytime my friend asks something the teacher finds superfluous, she throws up her hands and says something like "Lord, this is number two! You better be careful how you use you last one!"

What is different from first level sofar? I'll spend two days in the hospital instead of just one. I'm only taking 5 classes instead of 7, but one is Med-Surg theory and the other is Pharmacology. Argh! I've heard this called the "hard level" by many students. I'm not sure if that's because those who failed second level probably should have failed first but barely squeaked by, or because the teachers are harder on you, or if the material is fundamentally more difficult. (I can hardly credit the idea of Med-Surg being harder than critical care. Only time will tell, I'm sure.)

You know my Really Useful Page full of the all the scans and handouts from last semester? I went in to the first level BSN class today and gave all the students that website address. The teachers seemed thrilled about it (maybe I should have announced it to the class when they were still responsible for my grade?) but the students looked a little confused. I can only hope they actually make use of the thing, since it saves each person an average of $7.20, which means with 70 students... that's over $500.
I am only more determined to acquire official school webspace for this project so I can leave something behind for posterity.

So. I'll let you know how things go this next week. All of you who are aspiring nurses or techs or whatever... good luck with your new semester!