Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Practicum #1

Today was my first practicum in health assessment.

The exam consisted of walking into a room containing my instructor and lab partner. I then roll-played as if this were a real examination scenario, assessing more than seventy different required points from memory. Each of those items is a single point, and documentation is 25 points, so missing anything can be detrimental to the grade. The instructor held a long checklist and furiously made marks on it as I talked.

Good thing I nailed it. Despite my fever.

The secret was to memorize a script of things to say and do in the evaluation that touched on every required aspect. I knew everything about my partner from our previous practice sessions, so things went smoothly.

Hopefully I'll make a high A on the test... if my instructor can figure out how to use Blackboard. She is awesome, but not so tech-saavy.